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zivaandmcgee's Journal

Beauty and McGeek
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Ziva: You know what this reminds me of McGee?
McGee: Mossad case?
Ziva: No, the Harry Potter novel.
McGee: You read those too? (Ziva looks away) Yeah me either.

This is the first community dedicated to the pairing of Ziva David and Timothy McGee.

Ziva: A 4.
McGee: A four?!
Ziva: Out of 5. I think that's good.
McGee: 4 out of 5.


McGee: Are you okay?
Ziva: I'm doing desk work.
McGee: Could be worse.
Ziva: What part of "desk work" do you not understand?


Ziva: What do women try to achieve by cracking eggs on a man's car?
McGee: Most men love their cars, it's a way of saying "You broke my heart, I break yours."
Ziva: In Israel, we just shoot men who are untrue.

What is and what isn't:

McGee: It's true, I mean it's not like someone's after Tony.
Ziva: Now that's a suspect list I wouldn't want to run down again.

1. Be nice! No bashing, flaming, or hating in anyway shape or form. This community is for fun and imagination, don't ruin it.
2. Lable things appropriately
3. Any fics or pictures must be placed behind a lj-cut, more then three icons must be as well