FIC: Time to take off the Mask, PG

Title: Time to take off the Mask
Author: Merlin's Sister
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: The Navy NCIS characters are owned by the almighty Bellisario and co. Just borrowing them for a bit of fun. No point in suing me anyway. I work in the public sector.
Pairing: Ziva/McGee
Archive: Just ask first.
Summary: Why was Ziva so agitated when the team were waiting for the results of the radiation checks on the car in Masquerade? Ziva reflects on the changes in her relationship with McGee, and the future it may hold. AU coda.
Spoilers: Masquerade. General Season 6 and 7 warnings.
Acknowledgements: As with all my sudden bursts of writing this is unbetaed. Apologies in advance for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

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Title: Heaven After All
Author: Imzadi
Rating: PG-13
Show & Pairing: NCIS McGiva (McGee/Ziva)
Summary: When Tony is away on special assignment McGee contemplates his love for Ziva
Disclaimer: NCIS belongs to CBS
Spoilers: “Dog Tags” and slightly the movie “Resident Evil”
Author’s Note: I was inspired by the song “Didn’t We Love” by Tamara Walker but decided not to make this into a song fic. If you’re interested in checking out the song it can be found on the soundtrack and in the credits of the movie “Coyote Ugly”


Quarter moon, always makes me think of you....Collapse )


Ziva/McGee Kiss

10 Ziva/McGee Drabbles

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Ziva/McGee
Rating: G/PG-13
Warning: Spoilers up to 6x01 "Last Man Standing".
Disclaimer: If I owned NCIS, there'd be a lot less crime and way more smut!
A/N: I snagged this idea from songandsilence over at mal_inara and thought it would work perfectly for the present that I'd been planning for smackalalala/monica_doggett's birthday. Enjoy the copious amounts of Ziva/McGeek awesomeness, sweetie! Happy birthday!

click this incredibly (not so) fake cut to read the challenge rules and all of the drabble-iciousy goodness

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McGiva animated

Keeping It Together, final chapter!

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Title: Keeping It Together, ch. 5
Rating: PG-13
Category: Angst
Genre: Het
Pairing: McGee/Ziva
Warnings: Nothing.
Summary: From Cassy's prompt: "Gibbs and Ziva have a fall out while working a case and he refuses to talk to her. A frustrated Ziva seeks out either Ducky or Tim and asks for advice."
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Written for the Chinese Fanfic Exchange for dear Cassy, who deserves anything and everything. And if it helps, she said this was her favorite fic of mine ever. COMPLETE!

(Chapter Five)

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