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Title: The Love in Love Child
Rating: PG
Author: Imzadi
Show & Pairing: NCIS McGiva (McGee/Ziva)
Summary: Episode addition to “Singled Out”, total fluff piece
Disclaimer: NCIS belongs to CBS


“So,” Tony said, strolling cheerfully into the bullpen, “who’s up for drinks?”

“Not me.” Ziva said quickly “I still have work to finish up.” It was her most common ruse for getting out of group social events, mainly because it always worked like a charm.

“Probie, how about you? A bar full of drunk women. You might actually have a shot for once.” McGee pursed his lips and was about to come back with a retort when Ziva spoke for him.

“McGee cannot go either. The crime scene sketches he and I did of the Garrison case were damaged in the leaky trunk of car. We need to do another copy as soon as possible.” She heard McGee sigh all the way across the bullpen.

“Fine, be that way. After you two are done the crime screen sketches you can have McGee explain the word workaholic to you Zee-vah.” Tony snapped, obviously depressed at being ditched by his friends. He gave both of them a pointed look then strolled off and into the elevator.

“So,” McGee began “my place or yours?” Ziva stood and made her way over to his desk but didn’t speak until she heard the elevator doors close and the car start it’s decent.

“So where do you want to start? Do you have the crime scene photos?”

“I lied, there’s no sketches we have to do.”

“Okay.” McGee said, drawing out the word to show his confusion. “So…” McGee was always the gentleman, and never liked to make assumptions as to what she was thinking. Even if he was usually right on point.

“Do you still have that software? The one that Sullivan was using?”

“Yeah.” he replied, a sly smile starting to creep up on his features as he starting catching on.

“Do us.” She ordered. He smiled broadly then turned to work his magic at the computer. She watched as both their photographs appeared on McGee’s monitor and the computer combined their image to make a prediction as to what their child would look like.

“Oh,” Ziva sighed, as the image of the little girl appeared on the screen. “McGee look at her. She is precious, we will make the most beautiful babies together.” She smiled broadly and kissed his cheek, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. McGee smiled back and continued to stare at the screen in wonder. She looked like them, both of them. You could look at this child and see both of them in it. Ziva David and Timothy McGee, and she was beautiful.

“Yeah, we will.” he whispered, reaching up to run his fingers through her hair, his other working to save the picture of the little girl on the screen. Ziva laid soft kisses against the side of his head, before starting moving down his neck. She held him close for a moment longer before pulling away and taking his hand as it slipped from her hair.

“Come on.” she said with a devilish smirked and a raised eyebrow. “If were going to have beautiful babies together one day we should go and practice yes?”

“Oh yeah.”



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